Welcome to ASIA INVESTMENT SIGNALS. This blog is designed to provide first-hand information and research on investment opportunities across Asia. We believe that Asia is more than a couple of emerging countries. Asia offers a broad range of attractive investment opportunities whether in newer Tech companies or well-established enterprises and holdings.

Our goal is to become a prime source for investment ideas in the region by providing you with research and opinions on Asian companies primarily listed on the Singapore or Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Whether you are a private or an institutional investor our research and analysis may help you finding investment ideas in these attractive markets.

We currently focus on Singapore and Hong Kong-listed companies for two reasons. First, many companies throughout Asia are listed on one of these two stock exchanges and have their headquarters in one of these two cities. Second, Singapore and Hong Kong have a well-regulated exchange commission to control IR requirements. Both cities are investor friendly and put no restriction on foreign capital. Furthermore, many of these companies can be traded as ADR in the US and Europe.

Every research comes with a short description of the company, an overview of recent developments, news and relevant key stats, and is finally summarized by our 5-star rating system which reflects the outlook and our opinion on a particular investment idea. Our rating is based on a mix of value-based criteria, news driven investment opportunities and technical signals to catch the right momentum and best performance perspectives. We keep our analyses on the shorter side (on average), which we believe is reader-friendly. At the end of each post, you will be given the opportunity to comment our finding.

Our model portfolio will track some of our most promising investment ideas. Stay tuned on a regular basis for buy and sell announcements. We are glad for all inputs and comments you give us!