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What a 100K Investment in Asia Pacific Returned in 2019

100K in 2019_40What would have a 100K USD, EUR, or local currency investment returned to an investor in 2019 if he or she would have invested in one of the Asia-Pacific equity markets? In our regular snapshot, we rank the performance of Asia-Pacific’s stock market indices on a USD, EUR, and local currency basis.

The highest returns with 34 percent would have made a EUR based investor with New Zealand stocks in 2019. Continue reading “What a 100K Investment in Asia Pacific Returned in 2019”

APAC Markets: Double-Digit Gains Despite Many Uncertainties

Performance APAC Jan-Sep 2019Three more months until year-end. Time for our quarterly resume and outlook for the Asia-Pacific stock markets for the remaining period. October is known as the month with the highest volatility in the year. November and December, on the other hand, are mostly well-performing months due to the tendency for a year-end rally. Continue reading “APAC Markets: Double-Digit Gains Despite Many Uncertainties”