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What a 100K Investment in Asia-Pacific Returned in 2022

100K in 2022An escalating war between Russia and Ukraine, rising energy prices, soaring inflation, climbing interest rates, a pandemic out of control in China, disruption in global supply chains, and intensifying geopolitical tensions between China and Taiwan. These have been the worries of investors in 2022.

Looking back on the stock markets in 2022, what would have an investment of 100K in USD, EUR, or local currency returned to an investor in Asia-Pacific? Our regular ranking shows the return for a US Dollar, a EUR, and a local investor over the last year. Continue reading “What a 100K Investment in Asia-Pacific Returned in 2022”

APAC Markets: A Lousy Year so Far

Performance APAC Jan-Sep 2022_40Three months are left until this year ends. Time for our quarterly snapshot of Asia-Pacific’s stock markets for the remaining period. October is statistically the month with the highest volatility in the year. November and December are often two well-performing months due to the tendency for a year-end rally. However, many market participants are waiting for a cleansing and final sell-off in this bear market. Continue reading “APAC Markets: A Lousy Year so Far”

JinkoSolar – Profiting from Global Solar Demand

JinkoSolar 1-Year Chart 2022JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd (JKS) is the world’s largest solar module manufacturer by module shipments. The company has recently been named one of the 50 smartest and most innovative firms in China by MIT Technology Review and by Forbes for its outstanding and continuous innovation and achievements in solar technology with the ability to benefit from the entire value chain. Continue reading “JinkoSolar – Profiting from Global Solar Demand”

What a 100K Investment in Asia-Pacific Returned in H1 2022

100K in H1 2022_40What a 100K USD, EUR, or local currency investment would have returned in Asia-Pacific’s stock markets over the last half-year. Our regularly ranking shows the returns for a USD-, EUR-, and local-based investor.

The highest return, with 9.4 percent, would have made a EUR investor in the Indonesian stock market over the first six months of 2022. The most significant loss, with 27.7 percent, would have experienced a USD investor with South Korean shares over this period. Continue reading “What a 100K Investment in Asia-Pacific Returned in H1 2022”