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Elnet Technologies – Servicing India’s IT Industry

Elnet Technologies 1-Year ChartElnet Technologies Ltd (ELNET.BO) pioneered the concept of Software Technology Parks in India. The company’s core competence is to develop and manage infrastructure services to software and business process outsourcing companies. The company owns Elnet Software City Ltd, a software technology park along India’s IT corridor in Chennai. Continue reading “Elnet Technologies – Servicing India’s IT Industry”

Tencent – Is the Sky the Limit?

Tencent 1-Year Chart 2017Tencent Holdings Ltd (0700.HK)  is the largest provider of internet services in China and the most valuable firm listed in Asia. To continue the superlatives: Tencent is the world’s largest online gaming provider in the world’s biggest gaming market. The company has a leading position in PC and mobile gaming, social networks, and online advertisement. Continue reading “Tencent – Is the Sky the Limit?”

PNE Industries – Is a Privatization or Takeover Likely?

PNE Industries 1-Year ChartPNE Industries Ltd (BDA.SI) is a leading EMS manufacturer of electronic controllers. The company furthermore manufactures and trades emergency lighting equipment under an own brand name. Electronic controllers are used in industrial and domestic electrical appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, coffee-makers, irons. In 2015, PNE Industries abandoned the loss-making printing operation. Continue reading “PNE Industries – Is a Privatization or Takeover Likely?”

Asia Metal – A Hidden Player in Thailand’s Steel Market

Asia Metal 1-Year ChartAsia Metal Public Company Ltd (AMC.BK) manufactures and trades processed steel. With two subsidiaries and two associated companies, Asia Metal produces steel pipes, provides cutting and modifying services, distributes steel products, and provides warehouse services. The company has a total production capacity of around 220,000 tons per year. Continue reading “Asia Metal – A Hidden Player in Thailand’s Steel Market”

Captii – Valuable Services for Mobile Telecoms

Captii 1-Year ChartCaptii Limited (AWV.SI) is an investment holding that engages in the mobile telecom and technology markets of South East Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. The company offers solutions to leading telecom service providers with platform and application systems, managed services, system integrations, software adaptations, and project management. Continue reading “Captii – Valuable Services for Mobile Telecoms”

Chuang’s China Investments – Assets at Knockdown Prices

Chuang's China Investments 1-Year ChartChuang’s China Investments Ltd (0298.HK) is an investment holding. The company invests and develops residential, commercial and hotel properties in Hong Kong, China and lately also in London. The company furthermore operates a cemetery, manufactures and trades goods and merchandises such as watch components and art pieces, and trades securities. Continue reading “Chuang’s China Investments – Assets at Knockdown Prices”