A Look at the Forex Markets in Asia-Pacific in 2019

FOREX APAC H1 2019_40How did Asia-Pacific’s forex markets perform so far? The table beside gives a snapshot of the development of the different currencies in the Asia-Pacific region. Thailand’s Baht has increased the most against the USD and even more against the EUR. The Baht rose more than four percent against the USD and over eight percent against the EUR until the end of July this year. Continue reading “A Look at the Forex Markets in Asia-Pacific in 2019”

What a 100K Investment in Asia-Pacific Returned in H1 2019

100K in H1 2019_40Despite many uncertainties in the world starting from the US-China trade dispute to Brexit, US-Iran tensions, and a cooling down global economy, the Asia-Pacific markets performed remarkably well during the first six months of this year. A significant consolidation or even crash that has been predicted since quite a while by many market analysts has not occurred so far. The markets continue to rise on a wall of worries. Continue reading “What a 100K Investment in Asia-Pacific Returned in H1 2019”

Baozun – Strong Growth Ahead?

Baozun 1-Year Chart_2019Baozun Inc. (BZUN) is the leading e-commerce solutions provider in China. The company helps its now 200 multinational brand customers to execute their e-commerce strategies in China. The company’s one-stop services cover all aspects of the e-commerce value chain, such as IT solutions, store operations, digital marketing, customer services, warehousing, and fulfillment in China. Continue reading “Baozun – Strong Growth Ahead?”