ASIA INVESTMENT SIGNALS is an information platform for investment opportunities across Asia Pacific. Our goal is to become a prime source for investment ideas to private and professional investors by providing research and opinions on primarily Singapore and Hong Kong listed Asian companies. Our best investment ideas are concluded in a model portfolio which will benchmark against the MSCI Asia-Pacific Index.

Our investment approach is focused on companies with either a high intrinsic value or on companies with an excellent growth perspective. For this we analyze company reports and announcements, relevant company news, interviews with the management, and opinions of other analysts. We are furthermore looking for long term technical signals to catch the right moment to enter a position and to ride on longer term trends. Short selling is not part of our strategy.

We currently focus primarily on Singapore and Hong Kong listed companies for two reasons. First, many companies throughout Asia are listen on one of these two stock exchanges and have their headquarters in one of these two cities. Second, Singapore and Hong Kong have a well-regulated exchange commission to control IR requirements. Both cities are investor friendly and put no restriction on foreign capital. Furthermore, many of these companies can be traded as ADR in the US and in Europe.