Model Portfolio

The Asia Pacific Model Portfolio tracks some of our most promising investment ideas. We follow a value-based investment strategy with above-average returns and limited downside risks. The Asia Pacific Model Portfolio is limited to a maximum of ten common stocks only and is benchmarked against the MSCI AC Asia Pacific Price Index in USD.

We favor mid to long term holding periods between six months and two years by keeping a steady hand rather than following news-driven or short term strategies – exceptions are possible in special situations. Patience is the key to investment success!

The Asia Pacific Model Portfolio is calculated in US Dollars and updated weekly. Fees, slippage, and dividends are not included. Buy and sell announcements will be given in advance in the transaction protocol below. Stay tuned!

Performance since inception (Sep2015): 97% (CAGR 11.7%)
Performance in 2021 (YTD): 2% (22Oct2021)
Performance in 2020: 26%
Performance in 2019: 9%

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