Valuetronics – Will the Multibagger Return to Previous Highs?

Valuetronics Holdings 1-Year Chart_2018Valuetronics Holdings Ltd (BN2.SI) is a premier electronic manufacturing service provider for some of the world’s leading brands in consumer electronics and industrial and commercial electronics. Valuetronics designs and manufactures products such as printers, temperature sensing devices, communication and GPS products, data and media connectivity modules for cars, medical diagnostic equipment, as well as consumer lifestyle and smart lighting products with IoT features. Continue reading “Valuetronics – Will the Multibagger Return to Previous Highs?”

PNE Industries – Is a Privatization or Takeover Likely?

PNE Industries 1-Year ChartPNE Industries Ltd (BDA.SI) is a leading EMS manufacturer of electronic controllers. The company furthermore manufactures and trades emergency lighting equipment under an own brand name. Electronic controllers are used in industrial and domestic electrical appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, coffee-makers, irons. In 2015, PNE Industries abandoned the loss-making printing operation. Continue reading “PNE Industries – Is a Privatization or Takeover Likely?”