APAC Markets: First Quarter Performances

APAC Market Performance Jan 2022Our quarterly ranking shows the performance of Asia Pacific’s major stock market indices over the first quarter.

The top three performers in the first quarter are Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. Singapore was the best performing market in APAC in January and followed up on this trend over the next two consecutive months with a return now of 9.1 percent. Continue reading “APAC Markets: First Quarter Performances”

APAC Markets: First Trends in 2022

APAC Market Performance Jan2022A look at the performance of the stock markets in January may give clues on how the markets could continue to develop over the next couple of months. The month of January is supposed to have some predictive power for the rest of the year. It shows how major market participants position themselves at the beginning of a year and in which markets the money flows in or out. Studies for the US market show that if January ends with a positive return, the probability that the year will end with a profit is around 90 percent. Although this statistic is valid for the US market, we can see similar effects for other stock markets. Continue reading “APAC Markets: First Trends in 2022”

What a 100K Investment in Asia-Pacific Returned in 2021

100K in 2021_smallPandemic, natural disasters, inflation, supply chain disruptions, geopolitical risks with China and Russia, Tech and MEME stock rallies … the year 2021 was far from being boring.

Looking back on the stock markets in 2021, what would have an investment of 100K USD, EUR, or local currency returned for an investor in Asia-Pacific? Our regularly ranking shows US Dollar, EUR, and local investors’ returns. Continue reading “What a 100K Investment in Asia-Pacific Returned in 2021”

APAC Markets: Seasonal Effects and Uncertainties

Performance APAC Jan-Sep 2021_40Three months are left until this year-end. Time for our quarterly resume for Asia-Pacific’s stock markets for the remaining period. October is statistically known as the month with the highest volatility in the year. November and December as two well-performing months due to the tendency for a year-end rally. Currently, the markets seem undecided on which direction to take for the rest of the year. Continue reading “APAC Markets: Seasonal Effects and Uncertainties”

What a 100K Investment in Asia-Pacific Returned in H1 2021

100K in H1 2021_smallWhat a 100K USD, EUR, or local currency investment would have returned in Asia-Pacific’s stock markets over the last half-year. Our regularly ranking shows the returns for a USD-, EUR-, and local-based investor.

The highest return with 32 percent would have made a EUR investor in the Vietnamese stock market over the first six months of 2021. A loss of 8.4 percent would have experienced a USD investor with Malaysian shares over this period. Continue reading “What a 100K Investment in Asia-Pacific Returned in H1 2021”